Quality Check

Quality management demands the standardization of the highest quality criteria.

Guests’ perception of the quality starts from the first click on the homepage, the first glance at the brochure or the first call to the SPA or Wellness Centre. Every detail can contribute to inspire, excite and conquer your guests.

Besides outstanding first-class SPA treatments and excellent cuisine, each organization shows its own distinctive touch through the individual features of the staff members, with whom guests deal with. Thus, every staff member should own the skills to identify guest’s needs, expectations and dreams, in order to fulfil them at best.

Quality management is one of the greatest challenges for the Management. With the purpose of ensuring quality, the establishment of Standard Procedures and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) represents the most useful tool.

Guests’ perception of the quality is strongly influenced by the staff proficiency and enthusiasm. Therefore, the continuous professional training, coaching and personal development are essential factors to increase the quality of the service provided. To be brief, the sale is the result of a professional, individual and hearty consultation.

In the Quality Check, the W&BC places emphasis on sustainable and virtuous management practices, as well as social competence.

And much more.