SPA & Wellness planning

We set the basis for the inspiration and implementation of your SPA Concept.


Concept & Strategy

SPA & Wellness planning represents the cornerstone for the SPA Concept development and implementation. The SPA Concept aims at creating a harmonious and consistent workflow among all activities, involving people’s relationships, service creation, guest’s care, treatment procedures, logistics and much more. Furthermore, it plays a decisive role in creating competitive advantage over time and a successful positioning for the organization.

The SPA Concept creation and development requires a conscious and realistic consideration about some key topics concerning the identity of the SPA, such as: who are we? Which message do we want to convey? Which themes and values we want to be experienced by those who use the SPA?

The SPA Concept fulfilment occurs when the path is well defined and consistently pursued. On this pathway, we will be pleased to lead you in a personalized way throughout various conceptual issues, with enthusiasm, expertise and proficiency.

We – together with our architects and technicians – will be able to support and assist you in the restructuring and repositioning process of already existing SPA facilities.

Our strategy will match the organization’s objectives and philosophy and will adapt to globalization evolution and new marketing frontiers. The strategy – which we will develop with you – will reflect and valorise your culture, habits, and values as well.


Economic issues

There are several crucial economic aspects to be taken into account throughout the planning process.

Thanks to our longstanding SPA experience and know-how, we elaborate the core issues of SPA facilities planning, both from a conceptual and technical perspective. This economic perspective, together with the collaboration with our project partners, stands as guarantee for the enduring success of your business.

In case of existing SPA, we explore the key factors with the aim of increase productivity, as well as potential savings, in order to support the performance of your SPA by optimizing the existing resources.


Our approach:


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Conceptual issues: